Course Syllabus

Sustainable Business Strategy

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Semester & Location:

Summer 2023 - DIS Copenhagen

Type & Credits:

Elective Course - 3 credits

Major Disciplines:

Business, Environmental Studies, Sustainability



Faculty Member:

Adrian Mongan-Current student please use the Canvas inbox

Time & Place:

Monday to Friday  Classroom: F24-503


Course Description

Note:  This course is aimed at both the business student and the sustainability/environmental studies student.  It is also appropriate for any student simply interested in the development of sustainable businesses.

This course is about you demonstrating (i) your ability as a Sustainability Advisor and (ii) what you have learnt from your 3 week learning experience in Denmark.

You will work in a small group and reach out to a Danish Company and conduct a Sustainability Strategy for them. You need to find the company yourself. Sounds tough! It is, but you are well able for it. You will also have good guidance and mentoring along the way.

Your second deliverable is about you using Denmark and the tools & theory that we will teach you to become a more effective Sustainability Advisor. You will write a lot! You will be creative and learn how to identify solutions and market them. You will meet experts, network and learn from them. You will reflect on this. You will also work on your project management & your stakeholder engagement. It is going to be a busy 3 weeks.

It will also be a lot of fun. You are in Copenhagen, one of the best cities in the world and at the perfect time of the year. Winter is a distant memory. We are in good summer spirit. Danes know how to do Summer. It is impossible not to be happy when the summer is here. That part is important too.

We will have an abundance mindset. We will prepare ourselves to be lifelong learners. You will not spend that much time in the classroom. You will own your own learning. You have 3 weeks and all of Copenhagen. Go further if you want, but keep the right mindset.

Assessment is as follows

  1. Global Opportunity Explorer (10%) – write a marketing report on a Sustainable Solution
  2. Doughnut Economics Book Review (10%) – write a short review of the incredible Doughnut Economics Book
  3. Reflections on Academic Visits (10%) – 10 short reflections on our 10 special topics
  4. Group Strategy Project (50%)
  5. Reflection on Copenhagen Sustainability (20%) – How sustainable is Denmark and what have you learnt from it?


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be a more effective Sustainability Advisor.
  • Understand the benefits of being a lifelong learner.
  • Be better at stakeholder engagement & project management.
  • Understand how sustainable Denmark is and how you can use this in your life.
  • Have a better understanding of some of the environmental, social, and economic drivers and risks impacting on companies – along with the major business opportunities for integrating sustainability factors within the core business strategy.
  • Understand the latest big-impact topics, including how businesses can meet the Circular Economy challenge.
  • Develop insights on sustainable business analysis, and strategy formulation.
  • Understand and contrast the differences in strategies and context, between Europe and the United States.
  • Enhance your critical thinking skills.
  • Develop your professional presentation skills.
  • Enhance your career potential and capabilities – towards becoming an effective business leader and/or change agent, in supporting the necessary transition towards a sustainable economy.


Required Texts

Recommend you read Doughnut Economics. In addition, Custom readings and cases for each class are available on the DIS Canvas system.



Adrian Mongan,

Course Format 

This course is taught with varied class formats, including:

  • Meetings (COMPULSORY)– Based on assigned readings, these classes will combine regular teaching, class discussion, guest lectures, and writing sessions to introduce new material, along with group exercises to test and embed learning.
  • Field Trips (COMPULSORY) – We will make Copenhagen & North Zealand our classroom and visit 2 Sustainable Business Neighhourhoods – Østerbro in Copenhagen and Lyngby just a few miles North.
  • Local Sustainable Experience (OPTIONAL but lots of fun) – Make the most of your time in Copenhagen studying Sustainable Business Strategy – Live it and record your experiences.
  • External Seminars (OPTIONAL – but a chance to network with the Danes) – Again make the most of your time here. Register for at least one event at Copenhagen Business School. It’s a great opportunity to learn a new perspective and NETWORK!!!


See under assignments

Points                                   Grade
93-100                                   A
90-93                                     A-
87-90                                     B+
83-87                                     B
80-83                                     B-
77-80                                     C+
73-77                                     C
70-73                                     C-
67-70                                     D+
63-67                                     D
60-63                                     D-
59 and below                        F

Academic Regulations  

Please make sure to read the Academic Regulations on the DIS website. There you will find regulations on:

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Course Summary:

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